5 Tips to Marketing Your Information Product

By August 5, 2015Marketing

Even if you’ve ever seen the 1989 film Field of Dreams, you likely know the iconic line: “If you build it, they will come.” What proved true in a movie for ghostly former ballplayers and fans of the game, does not actually pan out in the business world. In a recent blog article, we talked about building an online platform to monetize your passion, expertise and experience. But unlike the movie quote, just building your information product is not enough; you also have to attract the customers to you.

Fear not! By using a simple, proven formula, you can drive awareness of your information product. Here is a five-step system you can use to market your product:


At the core of any marketing plan is the prospect. Before you can tackle how to draw your potential clients in, you need to understand who those clients are. Ask yourself these questions: Who is most likely to find value from your information product? Where will you find this target audience? Are there specific publications or blogs they are more likely to read? Who are the key influencers in the space? Who is your target audience already following?


If you are creating information products, it is likely that you already have a presence on the web. If not, you will need to build your online platform, a home on the web that includes your website, blog, and social media presence.

When people visit your website, your content will gently guide them to investigate and then purchase/download/subscribe to the product or service you are offering. Your entire online platform should be focused strategically on highlighting your expertise, and how your offering will meet a significant need that your target audience has.

A good example if this would be a fitness coach who is building her thought leader status as an expert in weight control for women over 40. Her web content, blog articles, and social media posts all support her expertise. When she rolls out a 10-part audio course on “How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days,” she creates a sales page and a series of blog articles that address this topic. Each blog article has a link at the bottom to bring the reader to her sales page. During the product launch, she focuses most of her social media posts to drive traffic to her relevant blog articles.

It’s a proven system that works!


Social media gives you a direct, cost-effective path to your target market. Simply pushing out tweets and Facebook posts, however, isn’t going to work. Social media marketing is about building relationships, not crafting sales pitches in 140 characters or less. Engage with your customer base by retweeting and commenting on their content. In your original tweets and posts, offer tips and facts related to your area of expertise, not just concise summaries of what you’ve selling. Don’t forget to pepper in posts with links back to your blog!

No one likes following people who are constantly selling on social media. Make sure your content is value-driven, with only a few direct promotional posts sprinkled into the mix.

Give them something

When your customers arrive at your website, they’ll find your information product or service for sale, but that shouldn’t be all. Include an FAQ section, offer a free tip sheet or other useful download, and regularly update your blog with valuable information. Research has shown that our brains are wired to process visual images faster than text. Incorporate videos, infographics and other visual elements across your online platform!

Keep them coming back

Your prospective customer may purchase your information product or service on their first visit. Odds are, however, that first contact is just the start of the sales process. Regular content updates and continued efforts on your social media channels and newsletter mailings will continue to nurture the relationship.

Think you’re ready to create and market your information product? We’re ready to help develop your online platform and get it out in front of the world! Let’s set up a time to talk about it.

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