With the new year comes new goals and resolutions. You start the year with the best of intentions: planning your editorial calendar, writing down some personal health goals or fitness goals, resolving to grow your business, work smarter, and enjoy life. You voraciously read every email that hits your inbox from people you admire on how to set goals, stay on track and make 2017 the best year ever. You wake up each day energized and ready to tackle the new year with an intensity not known before.

And then — February.

Maybe you live somewhere where it gets really cold or snows. You wake up thinking you’re going to hit the gym for a quick workout, but it looks so gloomy and miserable out that you decide to skip your workout. We’ve all been there. It’s only one workout, right? One turns into two turns into you never set foot in the gym again.

Or maybe you’ve been writing a new blog post every day, posting on Twitter several times a day, connecting with your Facebook community and writing a weekly newsletter and you’ve realized that all that time writing takes a lot of time and it’s hard to come up with fresh ideas every single day. It’s difficult to keep the momentum going, but you didn’t really have a plan for what you wanted to do, you just started doing it and then quickly realized you couldn’t keep up. So you stop. Everything.

Sound familiar?

Hit The Reset Button

The start of a New Year is commonly a time when people hit the reset button on their lives. They enter the new year with big goals and visions, and multiple resolutions. But they quickly run out of steam and by February, the big dreams they had for the new year have faded.


Without a plan of action and someone to hold you accountable to your goals, you’re setting yourself up for a tough journey.

Accountability is crucial to ensuring you accomplish a goal. In many fields, particularly the coaching industry, it is often suggested that people have an Accountability Partner; an individual who agrees to:

  • Track your overall goals
  • Keep a list of actions you say you will achieve
  • Reminds you when actions are not complete
  • Challenges you when the actions you take are not leading toward the goal you desire

I recently attended Jo Dibblee’s “Best Kept Secrets” event in Arizona where accountability was a huge part of the event. While at the event, we were asked to write down our goals for 2017 on a sheet of paper, sign it and turn in a copy to the event organizers who would assign us an Accountability Partner and keep us accountable to accomplishing what we’ve said we are going to do. What a great idea! Jo is committing to helping you implement the strategies that you’ve learned during the two-day intensive conference.

Not only that but on the last day of the event there was a session called “Behind The Curtain” during which the topic of having multiple coaches, each focusing on a particular aspect of your life or business, at the same time was discussed. Makes sense, right? Even the most successful and driven people still need a bit of support to help them reach their goals.

The discussion was an eye-opener for me as it got me thinking about the different types of coaches one could have (business coaches, life coaches, relationship coaches, health coaches, and fitness coaches) and I suddenly saw my relationship with my personal trainer in a new light. She isn’t just someone who stands next to me at the gym and encourages me to do burpees. She’s someone who is 100% invested in helping me achieve my fitness goals and keeping me accountable for showing up, week after week.

That’s the power of a coach: they hold you accountable to your goals and the actions required to bring your closer to achieving them. That’s why I’m aligning myself with people who will help me play bigger this year. Let’s call them my Dream Team. You’ll meet a few of them in this issue: coaches, mentors and accountability partners who I’ve shared my goals with and have asked to help them keep me accountable.

But what about you? Who’s going to help you play bigger?

If you’re looking for high-level support in 2017, I have a few spots available for personal coaching clients – contact me for more details. Stepping up your game in 2017 requires accountability. I can help get you there.

About Bree Whitlock

I am passionate about helping you create the life of your dreams by sharing tips, tools, and strategies to help you start or grow a business and improve your life. I’m here to help you experience happiness and joy… the easy breezy way. I have spent the past four years mastering the business tools and marketing strategies you will need to succeed in business. And have spent a lifetime pursuing spiritual growth, health, and happiness and I am ready to help you unlock your unique talents so you can shine! I help people define their perfect life and create a plan for designing a business that helps them fulfill their wildest dreams. I believe that every business owner must be skilled not only in business strategies and marketing but also be deeply committed to personal development and have a healthy sense of humor. Through my videos, programs, and services, you will learn the skills you need to succeed in business as well as practical tips on how to create a rich and easy breezy life. You will get results and have fun along the way.

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