Defining Your Ideal Client

By May 19, 2016Business

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

If you’d like to build an easy, breezy business, then knowing who your ideal client is must come before anything else you do from this point forward for your business—before the photo shoot, videos, website, and overall branding. If you do not get clear on your ideal client, then you could land clients that make your life miserable and your workload much harder than it needs to be. One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make is not defining their ideal client from the beginning. I made this mistake, and it cost me years of my time and probably gave me a few unnecessary gray hairs!

What do I mean by your ideal client, and why is it so important?

I understand that when you’re an entrepreneur, you’re focused on putting food on the table and keeping a roof over your head. Sometimes, fear takes over, and we’re so desperate that we’re happy to have any client, even if the client isn’t a good fit for us. The result? A lot of headaches and hard work that only adds undue stress to our life. Also, this added stress and burden take time and energy away from us landing more clients, including the ones that we do want to work with. In the last issue, I shared “Defining Your Truth to Live Your Truth,” which talks about getting clear on what’s true for you to create awareness to live the life you desire to live. Part of that truth is getting clear on your ideal client and the qualities that they do or do not possess.

Your ideal client is the individual or business/organization that you love, love, love to work with. They’re the clients who appreciate you and what you do, and you don’t need to twist their arm to use you or your services—they already know they need you and your services. Make a list of qualities that your ideal client possesses, and make sure the following items make the list.

Your ideal client:

  • Values you and your service
  • Respects your time and upholds appointments
  • Has no issue paying for your services and what you’re worth
  • Knows they need you and your services
  • Makes you smile to work with them
  • Shows gratitude for all that you do
  • Collaborates with you for the best outcome
  • Is inspiring to work with
  • Is coachable and willing to try new approaches
  • Is conscious and aware
  • Communicates with you openly and directly
  • Has compassion and understanding
  • Is focused on making a difference in the world, big or small
  • Is honest and values truth
  • Has integrity and chooses to be authentic

You can even take this list a step further by getting clear on the specifics of your ideal clients, like:

  • What type of business do they run?
  • Where do they like to shop?
  • Where would you like to run into or meet them?
  • What type of hobbies to they enjoy?

The more detailed you are, the clearer you’ll be, which will lead to faster results.

When you get clear on your ideal client in this way, it will be much easier to attract clients that you love and enjoy working with. It will also guide you during first encounters with prospective clients, so you quickly know whether or not you want to worth with them. And it is OK if you do not want to work with some of them. I promise, by being true to yourself, it will clear the space and open the doors for the right clients to come into your life. You can’t afford to waste time on anything other than what you deserve, which includes working with your ideal client, whatever that looks life for you.

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