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By October 4, 2016Life Lessons

Do you have a voice in your head, you know, the one that whispers every so often but is always present?

It was at a time when great upheaval was happening in my health, my personal life, and my work life that things began coming clear for me.

My story started a few years ago. I had just made a decision to quit a job that I really thought at one time was my passion; I was also leaving a marriage—two major life altering decisions, which were not made lightly.

No one understood my decisions at the time; I’m not sure that I really understood. Who quits a job with no backup plan and leaves a marriage at the same time? Most would say a very irresponsible person.

But I had that ever-present voice whispering to me; saying, “You are meant for more,” “you should be doing something different,” “there is more to life,” “you are supposed to live a big life, in a big way.” That voice became louder and louder, not just whispers anymore. This time big fucking boulders on my path.

In the past, I would quiet the voice, saying “I will do it next year,” or “When I have more money, I’ll take that vacation.” Often I’d reason, “I can’t quit my job,” “who do you think you are to believe that you can have the life of your dreams,” or “someday I will do it!”

The problem with waiting for someday is, someday may never come. That “someday” is today; life is happening right now. Most of us are playing the waiting game. We are waiting for life, but life is not waiting on us. LIFE IS RIGHT NOW.

These boulders that I speak of that came crashing down on my path altering this life that I thought I was supposed to be living forced me to start questioning my life.

What was I here to do? What makes me happy? What was my passion in life? And just as importantly how to create a business based on my passions and the lifestyle I wanted?

I took time to explore what mattered to me and the way I could live in line with what mattered most to me. I researched how to find my passions and also how to live my purpose.

We are here to fulfill a purpose. God, Spirit, the Universe, the Divine (whatever you choose to call it) takes human form to accomplish a particular purpose. Spirit equips us with a unique skill or talent that we can do better than anyone else. Even if you feel that your skills as a writer or a speaker or a coach are no different than anyone else, you do have a particular way of expressing those talents that are different and unique from anyone else on the planet.

Each of us enters into a contract with our highest self before taking human form to discover our true self. We can spend a lifetime denying our talents and suppressing our unique voice. But there is one unique talent that you have, one thing that you can do and can do better than anyone else in the world. It’s your task in this lifetime to discover and live the talents that you have been gifted.

How Do You Know What You Are Here To Do?

It is an impossible question for me to answer. Life purpose is an incredibly vast and important topic to cover in the span of this article. But I have put together an exercise that you can do to help you figure out for yourself what is important to you and what can add more meaning to your life.

First, let me remind you that we are all energy. Once you realize that we are energy in human form, and everyone else is made up of the same stuff, then you will start to understand that we are connected to the powerful universal force that is creation.

We are always sending out vibrations.
The energy we are putting out is always returned to us.
This is a universal law.
A law that guides our lives; like attracts like.
We attract who we are.
If you learn to change your energy then you can change your entire experience of the world

We naturally DESIRE the things that create fulfillment: love, joy, success, inner peace.

So What Do You DESIRE?

Most of us move through our day not being conscious. Consciousness is about being awake to life.

Becoming aware of your life and what is happening around you, every thought and every feeling will move you closer to your true desires.

Practice Awareness

Become aware of your thoughts, your feelings, your energy level. Set an alarm on your phone to go off a few times a day, call it “Become Aware.”

When the alarm goes off, pause for a minute. I want you to be present in what you are doing; feel your body, the temperature, the breeze outside, smell the scents in the room or outside, maybe it’s fresh cut grass or a crisp fall day. Tap into your feelings associated with all of your senses.

How does it feel?

Let go of the past and your thoughts of the future. Be still, breathe and see. Surrender to the moment and realize that everything is as it should be. Do this every second, minute and hour of every day and you will discover that YOU attract everything that is in your life—every joy, every circumstance, every challenge.

You are co-creating with all of the energy of the universe and the more you are aware of it, the more the energy of the universe rises to heighten your creativity.

You are co-creating your environment, relationships, and friendships; you are co-creating YOU.

Co-creation is the calling of the universe; it is your calling.

This exercise is pure magic when done, over time you will start to become more aware of the beauty in life, you will start to smile and savor every little thing that life has to offer and realize that life is truly a gift.

I want you to spend time in silence and meditation and ask the universe and yourself the questions that follow daily. You may not receive an answer the first time you meditate. Your mind may be buzzing with too many thoughts and ideas that the answer won’t be clear. Or you may receive several answers. I promise you, if you keep practicing daily and asking yourself and the universe these questions, the answers will become apparent.

So again, find a quiet spot, relax and open your mind to receive your answers to these questions:

  1. How can I help?
  2. How can I serve?
  3. If money is of no concern, what would I spend my time doing?

Repeat the process every day and you will get better at listening to the answers. It may take time for you to receive your answers but when they do show up, they will be worth the wait as your answers are the way to finding true abundance, success, and bliss.

My hope is that the questions will bring you closer toward finding your real life purpose — and living a genuinely conscious life of your creation.

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