1. Policy

Debut Studios recognizes an obligation to the environment, and we express our commitment regarding implementing practices, which will boost environmental sustainability. The following policy governs the management of the environmental aspects of our company, with specific focus on the conservation of resources and the decrease of waste.

This scheme denotes how all functions in our organization would be continually reviewed and refined, so that we will truly be able to incorporate the environmental and social considerations into our daily routines.

Debut Studios would consistently make an effort to raise awareness in the community, influence involvement and train employees in environmental matters.

  1. Principles
  • Comply with any laws overseeing the environment, and actively look for ideas to improve on these guidelines;
  • Work regarding the conservation of energy, water and natural resources in all our operations;
  • Strive to better comprehend both the direct and indirect impact that our practices could have on the environment;
  • Promote environmental recognition throughout the entire processes of the organization;
  • Provide training/newsletters/posters to staff and people or clients on utilizing our sustainable schemes;
  • Dispose of waste thoughtfully, and take up the mantra;
  • Power off equipment whenever not in use;
  • Lessen our environmental impact by purchasing environmentally-friendly services and products;
  • Work with our entire supply chain so one can achieve mutual advantages of integrating environmentally sustainable goals into day-to-day business;
  • Regularly assessment our business practices, and ascertain whether each technique is appropriate in an environmental perspective;
  • Independently audit our practices, and determine whether our goals have been attained.