We are Internet Marketers who understand how to make your website work for you. We turn your website into income as opposed to an expense. We will brand you and or your business. We will set up and build your online platform.

Websites, Branding, Videos for Web, Social Media set up and management, Content Development , Website traffic, Consulting, product development and management, Ebooks, Online Product creation and Promotion.

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What if I don’t have an existing business but have an idea for one?

That’s great, contact us today and let us share with you how we can turn your ideas into Profits!!

We can help you to develop your idea and market it!

You can use the studio to create videos for the web. We set the studio up to have a place to create videos for the web for our personal brands, this is where we bring clients to produce videos and professional photo shoots as we help them to build their platforms. We have a 3,000 sq ft facility, lights, cameras, green screens, and additional sets. You can rent the studio for your personal use or contract with us to help you with all of your video and marketing needs.

What if I am a photographer or videographer and would like to rent the studio space for my personal use?

Absolutely!! We set this studio up so that photographers and videographers could use it for photo and video shoots. We would also love to meet you and maybe add you to our preferred photograpaher and videograpaher list!!

Personal branding, this is a way to build your brands platform and to establish you as an authority in your niche. Credibility, You could have the title “published author” or “best selling author”, this will allow you to charge more for your products or services.

If I have an idea for an online information product, how can you help me to develop it?

We can help you first to pinpoint your niche market, we can help to develop your content, produce your videos and launch your online product. We can help you to develop everything from basic “how to guides and tutorials to full blown membership only sites.

What are examples of online information products?

A nutrition and fitness club may want to create an online meal plan, this is something they develop one time and it can be purchased over and over again on their website.

This same business may want to then develop a fitness video series, these videos would be created one time and online for purchase and that same business could then combine the nutrition meal plans with the fitness videos for a higher price package. This is actually something we are in the process of doing for one of our clients, subscribe to our email list to receive the Debut of this businesses online product.

A fitness personal trainer, yoga instructor, or dance instructor could create a video series to sell online to reach a wider audience or to also stop trading their time for money. There is a limited number of clients they can take each day, If they were to develop a video series they could reach and help more people.

Life coaches could create a coaching program online, again to stop trading time for money and to reach and help more people.

A retired banker could create a video series on “how to get a loan”…. Actually Tom is working on this to be debuted later this year!

The ideas are really limitless, anyone can take their knowledge, wisdom, know how, experience and expertise and turn it into an online product!

Let us help you turn your passions into products!!

What is an online Platform and why would I want one?

A Platform is…

  • Your brand
  • Your visibility
  • Knowledge & know-how
  • Who knows you
  • Connections, contacts and Your LIST
  • Your ability to get attention, create buzz
  • Your products – not your time
  • It’s MASSIVE leverage for LIFE
  • No bank, no economy can take it from you

Why Do You Need a Platform?

  • Sell your knowledge, not your TIME
  • Make 3x-5x more with less effort
  • You won’t be seen or treated like a commodity
  • Celebrity status & access
  • Access to affluent clients
  • Virtually zero risk
  • Make residual, continuity income from your products
  • Design a business around the LIFESTYLE you want

Who would benefit from an online platform?

  • Anyone that wants to become The #1 Expert & Authority In their Niche!
  • ANY person or business that has a message to share, products and services to sell.
  • Doctors, Lawyers, Builders, Real estate professionals, authors, coaches…

The numbers…

  • 2 Billion Desktop & Laptop users
  • 6.1 Billion Mobile Phone Accounts
  • 15 Billion by 2015
  • 1.5 Billion Televisions
  • 85% of the Planet is Connected

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