Find Your Right Path: The Map to Your Heart’s Own Trail

By January 22, 2015Life Lessons

Where are you headed? Let’s spread out the map of your life and examine what course you have set. As is expected, you’ve got a lot of options: The beaten path, the road less traveled, and the purported road to success are just a few of the choices laid out before you.

Choosing Your Path:

Building a career and a life that align with your passions and your true self begins with choosing the right path. So, how do you know when you are on the right path? I’d like to offer three clues to help you determine if your current course is your own “true north.”

You’re not in a position that betrays yourself

Have you been in that dark crevice before? If you feel like you’ve got to negotiate your sense of integrity, then re-program your internal GPS. Your true north does not betray your sense of self, your values or your core beliefs. If you can’t fully be you – the ‘you’ you’re proud of – it’s not the right path.

You’re not confused

Did you ever just feel that deep warmth in your core, the one that says: “This! This is what I am meant to be”? That’s the gut feeling you’re seeking. Your true north isn’t costing you your sense of self, or leaving you wondering if it’s really where you ought to be. Your true north is comfortable, like your favorite broken-in pair of slippers.

You’re not drained

You may be tired; forging our own trail, after all, is hard work. But you’re not going to be physically and emotionally drained. This isn’t a life-zapping exhaustion. It’s a good, satisfying, “I’m making something I’m proud of” tired. If you’re feeling the former, it’s time to change course.

There are many words of wisdom about finding your path in life. Emerson’s quote above is one of my favorites. Instead of following a pre-forged road crafted for someone else, how about creating one on our own? In business we call it entrepreneurship. In life, it’s just being true to yourself.

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