Lights, Camera, Action: 6 Tricks to Presenting Yourself and Your Ideas on Camera

So, you’ve decided that video marketing is something you simply can’t overlook. Excellent! Of course, not all videos are created equal. Before you press the record button, let’s talk about how to present yourself and your ideas on camera to get the most out of your video.

Check Yourself:

You want the audience to focus on your message, not a stray hair or the shine off your cheekbone. As superficial as it sounds, your appearance will matter. Brush on a bit of powder to eliminate shine, smooth your hair, and ladies: Check for things like smudges of lipstick. Don’t let your appearance be a distraction.

The Eyes Have It:

Make eye contact with your audience by speaking to the camera. This creates a connection between the on-screen you and the viewer. Do you know what happens without a connection? The odds are higher that your viewer leaves the page before your video is over.

Think Sound Bites:

Use a handful of key phrases or sentences that can stand alone to clearly make your point. And these sound bites become great social media fodder. Make it easy for your viewer to tweet you!

Tell the story:

When you’re on camera, as well as when you’re writing, you are not a salesperson rattling off key selling points of your product or service. You are a story teller. Your video should have a clear introduction, middle and end. Show you know your stuff and that you value your viewer’s time!

Exude Confidence:

For starters, avoid verbal pauses. Sounds like “um” and “ah” will erode your credibility. Watch your pacing. Speaking too quickly is not only difficult to understand, it also telegraphs what your nerves are up to. And don’t forget to smile!


All of the above is rooted in one simple directive. Prepare. You don’t want to memorize lines, but you do want to prepare an outline. Know your key message and supporting points. Practice delivering them in a conversational manner. Walk through the set and get comfortable with it. Practice in front of the camera to help wipe away the jitters. Then one last time, check hair and make-up.

Feel ready for the spotlight? What tips or tricks can you share?

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