Debut Studios has developed an integrated multi-channel lead capture and follow up system specifically designed to support authors and help them successfully launch their self-published book. The Debut Studios Best Selling Author campaigns combines our proven 4-step methodology (Discovery, Content Creation, Branding & Social Reach) with state of the art technology to provide best selling results.

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Our Discovery Process for Best Selling authors is where we set the framework for your book launch campaign. Whether you’re a first time author or an established writer, we use this session to plan the most effective marketing campaign and one-page selling machine for your print book or ebook.

Working with your Campaign Manager, our writing team gets to work to create the scripts for your promotional video spots and the content for your book selling website. Our content creation service also includes expert coaching to increase your comfort level in front of the camera so that your delivery sounds natural and authentic.

More than any other medium, video production is a compelling way to share your personal story and engage visitors to become fans and readers. We work hard to ensure the imagery used in your promotional videos fit with your overall brand. Everything from the one page book selling website, to your follow up sales messages to your promotional videos will be designed to work together and define a highly customized personal brand.

To help launch your book and help you reach best selling status, Debut Studios will design a Social Media focused sales cycle to help interested customers share their recent purchase with their social networks. By leveraging the power of social media and using the right elements during the sales cycle, you can turn each online sale into its own digital marketing campaign to drive additional traffic and help your book climb up the best selling charts..

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