Branding photography can be one of the biggest challenges for individuals and businesses—capturing photos that truly capture your brand and optimally represent what you stand for. Here at Debut Studios we believe that branding photography is one of the first steps required to build a successful online or offline business. That’s why our work with you often begins with a branding photo session.

We use the Debut 4-Step formula outlined below to enhance each branding photo session and ensure that all images capture the essence of your brand and celebrates you!

Before we book a branding photography session and long before the first photo is captured, we complete an in-depth Discovery interview. During the Debut Studio Discovery Session, we discuss possible shooting locations, wardrobe choices, hair, makeup and props and how these elements will work together to enhance or define your business and personal brand.

With no scripts to write our content focus will be on helping you choose the right props and wardrobe so that your each of your photos tell a story. Whether you want your photos to represent wealth, health, fitness or a adjective unique to you and your brand, Debut Studios will help you identify the core values to be portrayed in your photos.

Here’s where we think about the usage of the images you will want to capture in your branding photo session. Website banners, book covers, product covers, social media images and so on each have unique sizes and requirements to best convey your brand message. Debut Studios ensures that your photos capture everything your brand needs based on your intentions and needs when you book a session.

Social media is a highly visual medium. In order to leverage the power of social media to enhance and extend your brand, it’s essential to have photos in the correct dimensions to clearly portray you and your brand across the different networks. Your photos help an audience relate to you, trust you and ultimately contact you.

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