Branding on a business-level is second nature to most business owners. With the social and connected nature of today’s marketplace, branding is becoming just as important to execute on a personal level. Debut Studios works with entrepreneurs, authors, coaches and business owners to build a recognizable personal brand by guiding them through the 4-Step formula outlined below some examples of our personal branding videos.

Creating a vision for your personal brand begins with an in-depth Discovery Session where we take you through all the steps you need to create the vision and target audience for your unique personal brand.

Once you’ve defined the vision and audience for your personal brand, we show you how to create content, images and videos to communicate your brand message. There are a number of online and offline assets that require attention and we help you secure those assets so that you completely control your personal brand message.

Our focus here is a little different than what you would expect. Debut Studios will work with you to monitor your brand and manage your online reputation.Reputation management is key to building your personal brand as it monitors and tracks how people are responding to you and your message.

When building a personal brand it can be difficult to get exposure and create associations between your personal brand and your business brand. That’s why it’s essential to gain exposure on the social networks and forums where your audience and followers spend time to expand your reach, establish you as an authority and expand your social reach.

View examples of our Personal Branding Portfolio below:

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