Putting Your Experience to Work: 5 types of Online Information Products

Take a moment to think about your many accomplishments. As you’ve progressed through your education and your career, you’ve amassed a diverse set of skills. Sure, along the way you’ve made a few mistakes, and maybe even had a some setbacks. And looking back, you can identify the lessons you have learned from those experiences.

Just think about how these insights could benefit others! What if you could take your experiences, knowledge, and insights, and combine them with the things you’re passionate about to create an “information product”? This is an opportunity to provide real value while developing a lucrative revenue stream.

There are numerous forms your product could take depending on what resonates best with you and your audience.


One of the most common and effective information products is an ebook. You could sell it for a profit, or you could use it as an incentive to help grow your business. For example, you could give the ebook to individuals who subscribe to your newsletter or opt-in to your mailing list. And since it’s in an electronic format, there is little or no cost to you to deliver the ebook.

Membership site

Have you ever clicked through headline links on the Wall Street Journal’s website and discovered that some of the fantastic content you want to view requires a subscription? Your website can do this too. A food blogger may offer a free-access blog that updates once a week with a new recipe or tips. This blogger may also offer additional, upgraded content that only subscribers can access. If this is you, you’ll want to tease this bigger and better content so people know what they’re missing if they’re not a member.

What type of valuable content can you provide to your audience? Can you envision two tiers of information: One for free members and one for paid subscribers?

Video courses

Take what you’ve learned over the years and package it in a video training course or webinar. You may opt to offer the course via a live video session at least once. A recorded version of your course could also be available for on-demand download to reach a wider audience.


Whether you offer a customized coaching program or a series of packaged offerings, this type of information product may combine online and offline elements. You could include a set number of one-on-one phone calls or monthly group conference calls. Many coaches offer varying levels of support at different price points.


Ready to step it up? Combine different information products into a packaged service. For example, your next video course may include an eBook that offers more detailed content on the same topic. You might offer a personal coaching program, bundled with a subscription to a number of online workshops and a regularly distributed newsletter.

The ideas are limitless! Anyone can take their knowledge, wisdom, know how, experience and expertise and turn it into an online product. What ideas do you have for an information product? Not sure how to get started? That’s okay, we can help you to develop everything from basic “how to” guides and tutorials to full blown membership-only sites. Does it sound exciting? Get in touch with us here: https://debutvideostudios.com/contact-us/

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