Reflecting on the Change of Seasons

By November 7, 2016Business, Life Lessons

The leaves are beginning to change around here. Nights have entered that sweet stage we call “good sleeping weather” as the temperatures dip into a refreshing crispness that makes you want to cuddle deep into your quilts and pillow. By now your wardrobe is starting to morph from summer tees to long sleeves, maybe even a sweater or two. Even the colors we gravitate toward have changed. Gone are the breezy, light colors that call to mind oceans and sunshine. In their place, we embrace hues of pumpkins and apples and those leaves that fall from the trees.

I always love the change of seasons. Each one is a new beginning for Mother Nature. It’s a chance for her to try something new and fresh. Doesn’t it inspire you to do the same?

Time To Reflect

Let’s talk business. Where are you in your career? Is this the place you’ve always envisioned? More importantly, is it a place you want to be now? Take your cue from Nature and the change she’s in the midst of. What is it that you want to change about your professional life? Now is the time to take stock of how your current career path complements your skills, experience, and passion. You can ask yourself the same questions about other areas of your life: is this the relationship you’ve always envisioned? Am I living where I want to live? Reflection helps give us the proper perspective. When we take the time to step back and reflect, we can see the bigger picture more clearly.


Time To Change

Don’t be afraid of the ‘c’ word. Change isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t even always a big thing. When we take stock and gain perspective through reflection, we can sometimes spot areas where a change needs to happen. Maybe we need to switch careers or evolve into a different role. Career evolution is about more than a new job. Perhaps you have a passion or talent that is being under-utilized in your personal life? It might be time to embrace a class or workshop to develop a new skill or strengthen one you already have. Some of the biggest changes in my life have come from deep times of reflection on life and all it brings. Some of the changes were sparked from passions I have in my heart and others were ignited from pain and suffering. Of course; you may decide it’s time for a new opportunity. You may even realize that you’ve got your own business idea ready to be brought to life!

Time To Embrace A New Season

Look again to Mother Nature. She’s letting go of what isn’t working for her now, and she’s embracing what comes next. Follow her lead. Fall is my favorite season. The colors of the season awaken my senses and challenge me to bring some new color to my life. The shedding of the leaves reminds me to release what isn’t effective and be open to new possibilities and challenges. It’s time to embrace a new season. It’s your time to shine!

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