The Gift In Quieting The Mind

By September 4, 2016Life Lessons

When we allow ourselves to take “a break” to recharge, it opens up space for us to tap into authenticity and who we truly are, because we have the opportunity to quiet the mind and make sure we are focusing on the thoughts and visions we desire for our life. Whether it’s a 5-minute break or a 3-month break, using the time to quiet the mind provides a renewed sense of well-being, calm, and ability to focus to bring ease and breeze into your life.

When our mind is constricted, our thoughts can’t flow as they should.

When we are constantly doing and thinking without taking breaks, the result is a very constricted mind.  When our mind is constricted, our thoughts can’t flow as they should. There’s so much noise in our brains that we can’t hear the signs and important messages from the Universe, which means we can’t receive the answers to the questions we are asking. No one wants that!

When we’re desperately “seeking” answers, stress builds, and our brains tend to work overtime, blocking the flow and the answers or memories we’re seeking.

A simple and relatable example of this is when you are trying to remember the name of someone, and at that moment, your mind is working overtime as you’re trying to recall the name. Finally, later in the day, or maybe even in the next day or two, the name comes to you. The name comes to your mind because your thoughts have calmed enough to open up space to hear new thoughts and receive answers. You put the question out into the universe, and then you detached from receiving the answer by going about your day. In doing this, your mind has become quiet and has allowed the universe the opportunity to send you the answer you sought.

It’s from nothing that everything is created.

The other gift in quieting the mind is that it allows a space of “nothingness” to occur, and it’s from nothing that everything is created. When I quiet my mind, it’s amazing how many creative ideas come to me with ease! In fact, I’ve learned that I must allow myself “me time” to quiet my mind to get clarity for ideas for all aspects of my life.

This is not only true for our personal lives, but for our businesses, as well. Business owners can get so consumed, feeling as if they can’t possibly take that much-needed break; but once they leave the work atmosphere and get out to enjoy life, family, peace, and nature, the ideas start flowing. It also allows them to get a better perspective on other businesses, what is going on in the world outside of their businesses, and then some—all by simply quieting the mind. Maybe most important, taking a break and quieting the mind prevent burnout, which I discuss more in the EBW Business piece of this issue that you can read by clicking here.

Allow yourself to take frequent breaks throughout your day, as well as longer breaks throughout your year (2 – 6 weeks +) to give yourself space to quiet your mind and recharge your batteries. Taking time away from day-to-day tasks and focusing your energy elsewhere automatically starts this process. Some techniques to incorporate into your “breaks” to further quiet your mind are listed below.

Simple Techniques To Quiet The Mind

  • Meditation – See the fabulous meditation example and read more about meditation from Kathi Donnelly in our May issue: Meditation is My Medication
  • Breathing exercises – We have a great breathing exercise featured in our EBW Health Section this month found here.
  • Simple stretching exercises
  • Take a long walk in nature
  • Go for a swim in the ocean
  • Take an extended vacation
  • Laugh a lot with friends

What do you like to do to take “breaks” in your life? What tips do you have to “quiet the mind?” We’d love to hear about it!

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